31 Rare Facts About Animals & Birds That Have Gone Extinct From Earth

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26Rocky Mountain Locust

In 1875, a swarm of locusts (Rocky Mountain Locust) 1800 miles long and 110 miles wide swarmed through the western U.S., causing $200 million in crop damage. At 12.5 trillion insects, it was the largest concentration of animals ever seen. Less than 30 years later the species had vanished and was declared extinct in 1902.

27. The extinct American Lion that used to range all over the U.S. and into South America and was about 25% larger than today's African Lion.

28. The Alpine Spaniel, a now extinct dog bred by Augustinian Monks for rescuing travelers stuck in the snow of the Great St. Bernard pass. Dogs were sent in pairs so one could alert the monks when they found someone. They are said to be ancestors of modern-day St. Bernards.

29. The Irish Elk, an extinct species of deer that had the largest antlers of any known deer with a maximum size of 3.65m (12 foot) from tip to tip that weighed up to 40kg (88lb).

30. The once widespread West African black rhino was declared extinct in 2011. The reason for extinction was poaching by humans.

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31Tasmanian Tiger

The extinct Tasmanian Tiger could open its mouth wider than any other mammal.


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