30 Things You Should Never Do

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26 Brushing After Vomiting

Brushing After Vomiting

You should not brush your teeth after vomiting. The stomach acid weakens the enamel and brushing further damages it.

27. The EPA recommends that you should not consume hot water out of the tap, even if you plan to boil it, because of the increased risk of lead consumption.

28. “TurboTax Free” is not actually free, but “TurboTax Free File” actually is free (if you make under $36,000). This was done to purposefully mislead the public into paying for a service that should be free according to the IRS.

29. When filling your vehicle tire(s) with air you should be following the recommended PSI on the sticker inside your driver’s side door and not the PSI on the actual tire.

30. Dogs can eat raw chicken bones. The issue is with any cooked bone. Cooked bones become dry and brittle which can crack and splinter leading to choking, internal injuries, punctured organs, and, or death. All cooked bones should be disposed of properly and not be given as treats.

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