30 Things You Didn’t Know About Ancient Weapons

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The Helepolis was a 130-feet multi-story siege tower equipped with 16 catapults, eight wheels, and a 3400-man crew.

27. The pike/spear called the sarissa in Alexander’s army actually weighed around 12-15 pound and was 15-18 feet long.

28. In the 1st century B.C., the Heptacomitae weaponized “crazing honey” for use against the Romans. The Romans consumed the honey and suffered mental derangement which allowed the Heptacomitae to easily overrun them.

29. Persian soldiers attacking a Roman-occupied city may have been the first to use weaponized chemicals in combat. The Romans were met with a wall of noxious black smoke that turned into acid in their lungs.

30. Ancient Egyptian cat goddess Mafdet was said to have ripped out the hearts of criminals before placing them at the pharaoh’s feet, the same way cats today bring their owners mice or birds they have hunted. “Mafdet’s Claw” was an Ancient Egyptian execution weapon named after her.


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