30 Shocking Murders That Will Scare You Senseless

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1 Lawson Family Massacre

Lawson Family Massacre

In 1929, shortly before Christmas, Charles Davis Lawson took his wife and their seven children into town to buy new clothes and have their portrait taken. A few days later, on the afternoon of December 25, he shot two of his daughters near his barn and ensured that they were dead by bludgeoning them. Then he went to his house and shot his wife and three other children. Lastly, he killed his baby by bludgeoning her to death. He then went into the woods and shot himself. The only survivor was his eldest son, 16-year-old Arthur, whom he had sent on an errand just before committing the crime.

2 Soap-Maker of Correggio

Soap-Maker of Correggio

An Italian woman named Leonarda Cianciulli went through 17 pregnancies during her marriage, but only four of her children made it into adulthood, so she was very protective of them. When one of her boys was preparing to enlist for WW2, determined to protect him, she resorted to human sacrifice. She killed 3 women who were all her neighbors. She then cut them into small pieces, turned their body fat into soap which was given to her neighbors. She also used their blood as an ingredient for cakes which were eaten by her friends, her son and herself.

3 Bear Brook Murders

Bear Brook Murders

In 1985, authorities found unidentified remains of two females in a barrel in Bear Brook State Park in New Hampshire. The woman and the young girl were killed by blunt force trauma before being stuffed into the barrel. 15 years later another barrel was found not far from the first with two more young girls inside. Testing revealed all four had died around the same time and at least one of them was related to the other two. In 2017, investigator announced that Terry Rasmussen was the most likely suspect in the case, but he had died in prison in 2010. DNA evidence confirmed that he was the father of one of the kids found.

4 Hinterkaifeck Farmstead Murders

Hinterkaifeck Farmstead Murders

In 1922, 6 inhabitants of a small farmstead in German countryside were found murdered. Days prior to the crime, farmer Andreas Gruber discovered footprints in the snow leading from the edge of the forest to the farm, but none leading back. He also heard footsteps in the attic and found an unfamiliar newspaper on the farm. The house keys went missing several days before the murders. Investigators believe that four victims were lured into the barn one by one, where they were killed. The perpetrator then went into the house to kill the remaining victims. It was established that a mattock was the most likely murder weapon. The case still remains unsolved.

5 Murder of Nicole Hattamer

Murder of Nicole Hattamer

In 1989, when the Hattamer family was at the child’s grandparent’s house in Holcombe in Wisconsin, 10-month-old Nicole Hattamer went missing. Police found her after midnight, 72 feet from the house, frozen and face down in the grass. The autopsy revealed that she had been thrown to the ground, landed on her chest, causing internal bleeding and was subsequently let die. FBI investigation came out with a whole lot of nothing and the case still remains unsolved.

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6 Covina massacre

Covina massacre

On Christmas Eve of 2008, a man named Bruce Pardo knocked on the door of his ex-wife dressed as Santa Claus in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. Inside the house, 25 people had gathered to celebrate the holiday. When the 8-year-old niece of his ex-wife opened the door, he shot her in the face. He then began shooting senselessly at everyone inside the house and purposefully executed some. Then he used his homemade flamethrower to set the house on fire. After this, he drove to his brother’s house and he shot himself. He managed to kill 9 people.

7 The Phantom Killer

The Phantom Killer

Over a period of 10 weeks in 1946, five people were killed and another three survived the attack by a man in the tiny town of Texarkana on the Texas-Arkansas border. He was named “The Phantom Killer” because of his disturbing white mask, which was just a sack with holes for eyes. He beat his victims and made them run away. He would then chase them and shoot them. The townspeople armed themselves and a curfew was instated. The killer was never found and the murders remain unsolved.

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8 Mary Flora Bell

Mary Flora Bell

In 1968, a 10-year-old girl named Mary Flora Bell killed two boys. She and her accomplice strangled the second kid to death and carved their initials into his stomach and mutilated his genitals. The crime scene was described by the inspector as “There was a terrible playfulness about it…and somehow the playfulness of it made it more, rather than less, terrifying”. Psychological testing revealed she was a sociopath. She was convicted and then released at the age of 23 under a new identity.

9 Murder of Rebecca Schaeffer

Murder of Rebecca Schaeffer

In 1989, actress and model Rebecca Schaeffer was fatally shot to death in the doorway of her West Hollywood apartment building by a stalker. Her killer, Robert John Bardo, had gotten the idea to hire a P.I. from Arthur Richard Jackson, who stalked and stabbed actress Theresa Saldana in 1982 after he hired a detective to find Saldana’s address. Schaeffer’s death helped prompt the 1990 passage of America’s first anti-stalking laws, as well as the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act in 1994.

10 2001 Anthrax Attacks

2001 Anthrax Attacks

Weeks following the 9/11 attacks, several news outlets and senators in the USA received letters laced with anthrax spores. Five people were killed and 17 were injured. According to the FBI, the ensuing investigation became “one of the largest and most complex in the history of law enforcement.” The prime suspect in the case was a scientist named Bruce Edwards Ivins who worked in U.S. government’s biodefense labs. He committed suicide with an overdose of acetaminophen in 2008. So the case still remains open.

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