30 Royal Facts about Queens – Part 2

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26Soraya Tarzi

Soraya Tarzi

Queen Soraya Tarzi of Afghanistan fought hard to improve the rights of women in the 1920's. She was also the minister of education for Afghanistan and the first Muslim consort to appear in public with her husband. In 1929, her husband was deposed and all their reforms were undone.

27. Isabel Ingram (Right from image) was an American tutor to Wanrong, the Empress Consort of Puyi, the Last Emperor of China. From age 20, she lived in the Forbidden City, where she taught Wanrong the speech, modes, and manners of the West. The two also tried to look like one another and traded clothes.

28. Hatshepsut was the most successful female pharaoh of ancient Egypt. But after her death, her successor destroyed her statues to obliterate her memory.

29. Empress Dowager Lüi of the Han Dynasty tortured one of her husband's concubines by hacking off her hands and feet, putting out her eyes, deafening her, and forcing her to live in a pigpen sty.

30. Lili'uokalani, the last Queen of Hawaii, was named after an eye infection.

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