30 Picture Perfect Facts About Photography & Photos

1Mathew Brady

Photographer Mathew Brady captured over 7000 photos of the US Civil War (including the portrait of Lincoln that would be used for the $5 bill), which have become the most important visual documentation of the period. He died in debt after the US government did not buy his master-copies after the war.

2British Milkman

The famous World War 2 photo of a British milkman in the Blitz was faked. The photographer got his assistant to dress up to create a positive image that wartime censors wouldn't block.

3Kodak digital camera

Kodak developed a digital camera as early as 1975. It took 23 seconds to record the photo onto a cassette.

4The Magnificent Eleven

A London photo developer named Robert Capa destroyed all but 11 of the only photos of the June 6th D-Day on Omaha Beach. The surviving shots are called The Magnificent Eleven and inspired the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan.


Doodlebug is an orphaned kangaroo joey that was abandoned until he was found after he walked up to strangers and extended his arms, seemingly wanting to be picked up. A photo of him hugging a teddy bear later went viral.

6Framed photo

A framed photo of a 4chan post sold for $90,900 on eBay. The post read: "Art used to be something to cherish / Now literally anything could be art/This post is art"

7Saigon Execution

The man being executed in the infamous Saigon Execution photo had just been caught murdering police officers and their entire families, including women and small children.

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8The Blue Marble

The Blue Marble is the only whole-earth photo taken by human hands. No one has since been far enough from earth to take a similar picture.

9Milk cartons

Of all the missing children whose photos were publicized on milk cartons in America, only one was found alive.

10Longest photographic exposure

The longest photographic exposure in history went for 3 years straight. That means the shutter was open and capturing light for 3 years straight without the photo becoming overexposed.


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