30 Picture Perfect Facts About Photography & Photos

21John T. Daniels

The guy (John T. Daniels) who took the famous photo of the Wright Brothers' first flight had never seen a camera before that day.

22Soviet flag

The famous flag over the Reichstag photo from World War 2 had to be edited because one of the soldiers had a wristwatch on each arm, indicating he had been looting.

23Albert Einstein

The famous photo of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue was taken at the end of his 72nd birthday celebration. A photographer tried to persuade him to smile for the camera for the last time, but having smiled for photographers many times that day, Einstein stuck out his tongue instead.

24Cincinnati panorama

In 1848, a panorama of Cincinnati was made using a special type of photo called daguerreotypes. In 2007, researchers discovered that each frame had detail equivalent to a 140 gigapixel digital photo.

25US prisoners

In 1968, US prisoners captured by North Korea repeatedly gave their propaganda photographers 'the finger' in photos, claiming it was a 'Hawaiian good-luck gesture'.

26Silver and Gold album

The photo on the cover of Neil Young's album "Silver and Gold" was taken with his daughter's Game Boy Camera.

27National Geographic magazine

National Geographic magazine was the first U.S. publisher to establish a color-photo lab in 1920, the first to publish underwater color photographs in 1927, the first to print an all-color issue in 1962, and the first to print a hologram in 1984.

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28Rhein II

The most expensive photo (Rhein II) ever was sold for $4.3 million. It was of a river, and it was photoshopped.

29Hidden mother

In the 1800s moms were disguised as chairs and curtains so they could hold their children still during the exposure. These are now called the 'hidden mother' photos.

30Baby Hitler

A doctored photo of an American baby was falsely circulated as Hitler's baby photo by the international press in the 1930s. This prompted Nazi authorities to release a real baby photo to prove that Hitler was, in fact, a cute baby.


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