30 Jolly Random Facts You’ll Be Surprised To Know – Part 252

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26Ocean swimming

Ocean swimming

You should wait 72 hours after it rains to swim in the ocean. Storm runoff that empties into the ocean carries increased levels of contaminants, like bacteria, fertilizers, and sewage. Swimming in the ocean too soon can increase your risk of various infections.

27. After the 1921 Battle of Blair Mountain, the striking miners feared jail and confiscation of their guns, so many decided to hide their weapons in the woods before leaving Logan County. Collectors and researchers are still finding weapons and ammunition hidden around the site to this day.

28. During World War 2, the UK planned to build 'unsinkable' giant aircraft carriers with 40-feet thick hulls made out of a mixture of ice and wood pulp. The project was canceled, but the scale model took three years to melt.

29. Malawian albinos are murdered for their bones. Albino children are being hunted like animals in Malawi where their bones are sold in the belief that their body parts bring wealth, happiness, and good luck.

30. Before alarm clocks were cheap or reliable, "knocker-uppers" specialized in waking people up in the morning by shooting dried peas with blowguns at their windows. They would not leave until they made sure that their clients had actually awoken.

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