30 Interesting Towns You Should Know About

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There is a ghost town named Kitsault in northern British Columbia, Canada that was abandoned almost overnight in 1983. Everything is still there and the power is still on. The whole town was purchased by an American who wants to turn it into a resort for intellectuals.

27. Lunik IX, a borough of the Slovakian city of KoŇ°ice has a poverty rate so high that unemployment is close to 100%. Gas, water and electricity service has been cut off for the entire area, and bus drivers receive hazard pay for taking routes through the district.

28. Auroville is an experimental township in India. It does not have politics, religion or physical currency but has its own sustainable economy. Current residents comprise of people from around 45 nations

29. Every summer since the 6th century, a small municipality named Haro in northern Spain throws a wine fight in honor of the patron saint San Pedro.

30. There was a tourist town named Villa Epecuen that was established in 1920s in Argentina. Unusual weather phenomenon brought a lot of rain and the town went underwater and remained abandoned for 25 years. In 2009, the wet weather reversed and the waters began to recede, but none of the original residents returned.

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