30 Interesting Facts about Villages – Part 2

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26Carancas impact event

Carancas impact event

In 2007, a meteor crashed into the ground near the village of Carancas, Peru. 100-200 people who got near the crash site fell ill, and there were reports of livestock dying in the area. The cause of this was determined to be arsenic poisoning.

27. In 2013, the village of Miami Shores forced a married couple to either stop growing vegetables or pay $50 per day. They justified their decision by saying vegetables are “ugly.”

28. A village named Skarð on the Faroe Islands was abandoned in 1913 when the entire male population of the village perished in a fishing accident.

29. Oymyakon is the coldest village on earth. Its lowest temperature was recorded in January 1924 at -71.2 °C (-96.2 °F). It is known as “The Pole of the Cold”. Food eaten there includes frozen raw Arctic fish, white salmon, whitefish, frozen raw horse liver, which are considered to be delicacies.

30. Nahwa is an Emirati village within the Omani territory of Madha, which is itself an exclave of Oman and an enclave within the United Arab Emirates. Basically, it is a UAE village in Oman, which is itself in the UAE.

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