30 Interesting Facts about Prisoner of War

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26Denis Avey

Denis Avey

A British POW during world war 2 called Denis Avey, broke into Auschwitz, befriended a Jewish inmate, smuggled his way into the inmate's camp by exchanging uniforms, and later broke out of the camp in 1945.

27. Captain Charles Upham was taken as a POW during World War 2 and tried to escape on multiple occasions. Once, he climbed the camp's fences in broad daylight, becoming entangled in barbed wire. When a prison guard pointed a pistol at his head and threatened to shoot, Upham ignored him and lit a cigarette.

28. Aidan MacCarthy, an Irish doctor in the Royal Air Force, was being held as a Prisoner of War by the Japanese during which time he survived two torpedo attacks and the Nagasaki atomic bomb.

29. British and Dutch POWs during World War 2 constructed a glider named Colditz Cock to escape their prison by launching off the roof with a counterweight.

30. German POWs in Delaware worked in agriculture to make up for the 33,000 American men off at war.

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