30 Interesting Facts about Power Plants

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26 Island of Ta’u

Island of Ta'u

Tesla runs an entire island on solar power. The island of Ta’u in American Samoa used to consume 300 gallons of diesel fuel daily to run generators, the fuel that had to be bought and shipped, but Tesla’s solar panels and power packs provide 6 megawatt-hours of energy storage.

27. In 2007, two teams of armed intruders stormed their way into a nuclear plant (Pelindaba) used to store weapons-grade uranium from South Africa’s decommissioned arsenal. The coordinated assault was thwarted by an off-duty firefighter, a plant employee, and their dog.

28. In 2016, a monkey climbed onto the roof of Gitaro power station in Kenya, fell onto a transformer and caused national-wide outage which lasted a few hours. The monkey survived.

29. France gets about 75% of its energy from nuclear power, and because of this, has some of the lowest energy costs and lowest CO2 emissions in the world.

30. After visiting the Three Mile Island nuclear plant’s accident in 1979, Jimmy Carter trained in nuclear power from the US Navy told his cabinet that the incident was minor. The president did not say so in public, however, to avoid offending fellow Democrats who opposed nuclear power.

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