30 Interesting Facts about Greenland

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26Greenland's Size

Greenland's Size

Greenland isn’t even one of the top 10 largest countries by area. It just looks huge because it’s near the North Pole and gets visually stretched out when mapped on a flat surface.

27. Jonathan Motzfeldt, the first Prime Minister of Greenland once secured almost absolute power through a series of political purges, where old comrades were sidelined. He led the government for almost twelve years until he was forced to resign and leave politics because of a drinking problem.

28. Piblokto is a culture-bound Greenlandic syndrome in which sufferers withdraw into a dissociative state during which time they may commit dangerous acts, and recover with no memory of the occurrence. It is more likely to affect Inuit women and happens largely during winter.

29. Greenland has the highest suicide rate in the world, with one in every four people attempting suicide at least once in their lives.

30. Greenland has a Grand Canyon beneath its ice, carved by ancient floods, where ancient topography lurks beneath the white expanse.

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