30 Interesting Facts about Cities in USA

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26Pittsburgh bridges

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania due to being situated between 3 rivers, has the most bridges within city limits in the world, at 446.

27. Austin, Texas is the only city in the world still actively using moonlight towers. Moonlight Towers were used in the 1880s-1890s when standard lighting of towns was too expensive. A giant tower would be built with an extremely bright light put on top to illuminate several blocks at once.

28. In 1892, New Orleans transit workers went on strike to reduce their workday from 16 to 12 hours a day.

29. There is an underground garden in Fresno, California that is meant to mimic Greece. Baldassare Forestiere spent 40 years hand digging this 10-acre underground garden paradise beneath the hot dry Fresno hardpan, with different microclimates and grafted multiple-fruit trees growing through holes in the ceiling, which are still thriving 90 years later. It's open for visitors.

30. Nashville (Tennessee) has a 1 for 1 scale version of the Parthenon in it, designed by Confederate veteran William Crawford Smith.


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