30 Important English Word Differences You Should Know About


21Seals and sea lions

Seals and sea lions

The difference between seals and sea lions is sea lions have ears.

22Fog, mist and haze

Fog, mist and haze

The difference between fog, mist, and haze is how far can we see through them. Fog obscures less than 1 km, mist obscures more than 1 km, while haze is merely the suspension of small particles in the air that give it an opalescent appearance.

23Oath, affirmation and promise

Oath, affirmation and promise

There is a difference between an oath, an affirmation, and a promise. An oath is a commitment made to a God, and an affirmation is one not made to any God. A promise is a commitment made by a person under 17 years old.

24Rye and bourbon

Rye and bourbon

The differences between Rye and Bourbon is that Bourbon has to legally be at least 51% corn.

25Tortoise and turtles

Tortoise and turtles

The major difference between tortoises and turtles is that tortoises dwell on land, while turtles live in the water some or nearly all of the time. 

26Cups and mugs

Cups and mugs

There are actual differences between cups (lighter, thinner, 6oz, always has a saucer and handle) and mugs (thicker, more than 8oz, handle optional).

27Hurricane and typhoon

Hurricane and typhoon

The only difference between a hurricane and a typhoon is the location where the storm occurs. In the North Atlantic, central North Pacific, and the eastern North Pacific, the term hurricane is used. The same type of disturbance in the Northwest Pacific is called a typhoon.

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28Caffè Latte and Cappuccino

Caffè Latte and Cappuccino

The only difference between Caffè Latte and Cappuccino is the ratio of steamed milk to milk foam.

29Vowels and consonants

Vowels and consonants

The difference between vowels and consonants is that you impede the flow of air in some way for consonants, but not vowels.

30Hardwood and softwood

Hardwood and softwood

The difference between hardwood and softwood has to do with how they reproduce, not the hardness of the wood, and that balsa wood - one of the softest woods - is a hardwood.


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