30 Fantastic Statistical Facts That’ll Make You Go WTF

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26Words gap

By the age of 3, the average child in a professional (lawyer, doctor, engineer, accountant, economist, etc.) family will have heard 20 million more words than a child in a middle-class family and 35 million more than a child in a low-income family. Children from professional families also hear more unique words and twice as many "encouraging" vs. "discouraging" conversations than children from middle-class or low-income families.

27. Over 1.3 million earths could fit into the sun.

28. Take all the known data from the beginning of human history, up to year 2003. Currently, we produce an equivalent amount of data every 2 days.

29. "Fishing is the most dangerous occupation in America (128.9 deaths per 100,000 people), compared to logging (115.7), the military (82, the leading cause being "accident"), flying (72.4), structural iron and steel working (46.4), mining (35) and policing (11.1). The average worker's fatality rate is 3.6."

30. 25% of the earth's crust is actually made of iron like in your cereal.


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