30 Crazy Facts About Everything That Sound Totally Unreal – Part 172

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1Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood was offered the role of James Bond following the departure of Sean Connery but turned it down due to his belief that the character should be played by an English actor.

2. A Polish poet named Stanisław Jerzy Lec in 1943 tried to escape from a Nazi work camp in Tarnopol (now Ukraine), for which he was sentenced to death. While digging his own grave, he killed a guard with a shovel and successfully escaped disguised as a Wehrmacht soldier.

3. The deepest ocean sinkhole in the world is in the South China Sea and is named the Dragon Hole, or Longdong. It is roughly 987 feet deep. Below 328 feet, the hole is devoid of oxygen and deadly to marine life.

4. Fentanyl lollipops are used in the US military to treat combat casualties. They are taped to the victim's finger so that, once sedated, they let the lollipop fall from their mouth to reduce the chance of overdoses.

5. Brad Pitt agreed to do a brief cameo in Deadpool 2 for just the daily minimum rate (less than $1000 per day) plus a cup of coffee hand delivered by Ryan Reynolds.

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6British royal family

British royal family

Men who marry into the British royal family can never become King. They only have the opportunity of being Prince consort. However, women who marry in have the opportunity of becoming Queen.

7. Iwao Takamoto, the creator of Scooby Doo learned to animate from fellow prisoners while incarcerated in the Manzanar internment camp for Japanese-Americans during World War 2.

8. Wilfred Pickles was a northern English BBC newsreader during the World War 2. Because of his strong Yorkshire accent, he was chosen for the job as “a deliberate attempt to make it more difficult for Nazis to impersonate BBC broadcasters.”

9. The Triceratops possessed a ball-and-socket joint at the base of its skull, not found in any dinosaur or any mammal today. This joint would have allowed it to maneuver its head almost 360 degrees, allowing movement to any direction in a fraction of a second.

10. During a hiatus from filming "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" Fred Rogers created a TV series for adults named Old Friends...New Friends that sought to highlight the difference that individuals can make in the lives of others.

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11Power Rangers

Power Rangers

Despite Power Rangers making Saban around $1 billion in its first year, the original cast was being given non-union pay of only around $2000 a month with no residuals and 12-17 hour days.

12. The Portuguese man o' war isn’t actually a jellyfish, it’s a colonial organism called a siphonophore and is comprised of four different organisms all working as one.

13. The first known instance of the classic “twirly mustached villain tying a woman to the railroad tracks” occurred in 1867 and it was actually a man tied to the train tracks who was saved by a woman.

14. Rhino horn is not considered an aphrodisiac in Chinese “medicine”. This is a misinterpretation of Chinese texts. However, due to the repetition of this misinterpretation in the West, people in Vietnam are starting to believe the rumor, and demand there is surging because of it.

15. In April of 2018, Revée Agyepong became one of the first adults to be cured of sickle cell anemia via stem cell transplant. Revée’s donor was her own sister, who turned out to be a 100% match.

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In Russia, flavored instant-mashed-potatoes in a cup are a popular snack, similar to instant ramen cup noodles in Japan and North America.

17. A restaurant named Sweet Dixie Kitchen in California was secretly serving its customers Popeyes Chicken for months.

18. Malaysia has a unique ceremonial monarchy system where in nine monarchs each take turn being king. Malaysia has nine states with traditional Malay kings. The top throne of the country is rotated amongst them as a power compromise.

19. George Eastman, the Founder of Kodak insisted the company use a 13 months, 28 days per month calendar. This system would be used by Kodak as the official date system from 1928 to 1989.

20. A British explorer named Sir Samuel White Baker owned a gun he named the “Baby.” The 2 bore rifle so absurdly powerful that it was almost unusable. As the largest caliber ever built for a shoulder gun, it fired a half pound shell that would outclass even a .50 BMG in terms of sheer force.

21Jasmine rice

Jasmine rice

Jasmine rice isn't actually scented and flavored with jasmine. It's just a distinct variety of rice that naturally has a fragrant, floral aroma.

22. At about 30 feet underwater, blood appears green, due to red light having been filtered out by the water.

23. A single almond requires a gallon (3.8 liters) of water to produce. California produces 80% of the planet's almonds using more water than Los Angeles and San Francisco combined and generating $11 billion in 2014 to the Californian economy.

24. James Bond was originally half Scottish half Swiss. Also, Flemming named him after an ornithologist as it was the "simplest, dullest, plainest-sounding name".

25. The photo of Pope John Paul II torn to pieces by Sinead O’Connor on SNL in 1992 was not a prop: She said, “The photo itself had been on my mother’s bedroom wall since the day the f*cker was enthroned in 1978.”


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