30 Astonishing Random Facts That Seem Fake At First Glance | Random List #266

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26Abraham Lincoln's ghost

Abraham Lincoln's ghost

Many famous people have claimed to have seen Abraham Lincoln's ghost in the White House, including Winston Churchill, President Lyndon Johnson, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, First Lady Grace Coolidge and Theodore Roosevelt.

27. 20th centuries physicist and Nobel laureate J.J. Thomson had 9 students who later won the Nobel prize in physics or chemistry. Robert Oppenheimer was also one of his students.

28. We call lions "King of the Jungle" even though they don't live in the jungle because of a translation error. The original phrase in Hindi was "King of the Wasteland" but their word for Wasteland sounds like the word jungle.

29. Battle of Bowmanville was a 1942 revolt in the Bowmanville prisoner of war camp, where approximately 100 Canadian soldiers quelled a rebellion of German POWs using only hockey sticks and water cannons.

30. Andy Warhol’s failed assassin, Valerie Solanas was a radical who called for the elimination of the male sex to create a Utopia for women. She shot Warhol in the liver, spleen, lungs, and stomach and he was required to wear a corset for the rest of his life.

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