25 Genuinely Wild Hollywood Actress Facts – Part 3

21Elizabeth Montgomery

Actress Elizabeth Montgomery (TV actress from "Bewitched") was a distant cousin of George Burroughs, the only minister executed during the Salem Witch Trials.

22Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence loves Doritos so much she almost ruined some of her dresses on the set of American Hustle with Doritos dust. The wardrobe department had to make multiples of each dress, so she would always have a clean one to wear.

23Mila Kunis

Early in her career Mila Kunis, who immigrated from Ukraine, auditioned to play a Russian girl who moves to America. Instead, she was cast as a Mexican.

24Anne Hathaway

When Anne Hathaway was auditioning for "The Dark Knight Rises", she thought she was auditioning for Harley Quinn.

25Emma Stone

Emma Stone didn't know she had asthma until she had an asthma attack on the set of “Easy A” movie.


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