25 Genuinely Wild Hollywood Actress Facts – Part 3

11Carole Lombard

After finishing a fundraiser for the army, actress Carole Lombard (highest paid actress of the 30s and Clark Gable's wife) flipped a coin on whether to return home by plane or train. TWA Flight crashed 13 minutes after takeoff killing Lombard, her mother, and 21 others.

12Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci's acting career started by stealing a role in her school play. At the audition, she taunted her acting rival to hit her, told on him and he lost the role to her as part of his punishment. That role got her discovered and on the career path, we know today.

13Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell had to re-record some of her lines in Frozen to have a more ‘womanly’ tone when she gave birth during production because it deepened her voice.

14Brie Larson

Brie Larson had a short-lived singing career. Her album "Finally out of P.E." released in 2005 and only sold 4,000 copies in the US.

15Renée Zellweger

When actress Renée Zellweger was preparing for the movie Bridget Jones' Diary, she worked for a publishing company under the name Bridget Cavendish. She went largely unrecognized and had a framed photo of her then-boyfriend Jim Carrey on her desk. Most of her co-workers thought it was weird.

16Ellen Wong

Actress Ellen Wong (Knives Chau in Scott Pilgrim vs The World) has a black belt in taekwondo. It was her martial arts background that helped her land the role.

17Catherine O'Hara

Actress Catherine O'Hara (from Beetlejuice) has Situs Inversus, a rare congenital condition in which all of a person's internal organs in the thorax and abdomen are positioned on the opposite side to where they should be.

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18Justine Johnstone

Silent film actress Justine Johnstone was also a pathologist. She was part of the team that developed the modern intravenous drip technique and installed a laboratory in her Hollywood home to aid her research.

19Rebecca Schaeffer

Rebecca Schaeffer was a model and actress who was fatally shot in the doorway of her West Hollywood apartment building by a stalker in 1989. Schaeffer's death helped prompt the 1990 passage of America's first anti-stalking laws, as well as the Driver's Privacy Protection Act in 1994.

20Marjorie Eaton

Emperor Palpatine was played by the actress Marjorie Eaton in “The Empire Strikes Back” (1980). As nobody received on-screen credit for playing the Emperor (other than voice actor Clive Revill), the identity of the actor was initially unclear.


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