25 Fascinating Facts About Norse Mythology

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21 Ægir


Ægir is the God of the Oceans and Sea Creatures in Norse mythology. He brewed ale for the Gods and held elaborate parties.

22 Heiðrún


The Vikings believed that a giant goat named Heiðrún, whose udders provided an endless supply of beer, awaited them in Valhalla upon their death.

23 Lindwurm


Dragons known as Lindwurm’s existed in Norse mythology. The dragons utilized two front arms as opposed to the full four found in Asian cultures.

24 Brunnmigi


In the Norse mythology, spirits named Brunnmigi urinated in wells and they had the ability to assume any form at will.

25 Sigyn


The name of Norse Goddess and Loki’s wife, Sigyn means “victorious girlfriend.”

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  1. Did you know….. Thor has RED hair and a BEARD, and Loki’s hair is REEEEDDDD too…
    I absolutely hate this marvelshit for make people think Loki would be Odin’s son, he’s his BROTHER! It’s gross what this pigs made with our religion to let people think this thinnshit, they should be ashamed if they at last can feel shame

  2. Artistic License. This is why Marvel can have a black actor play the role of Hemdall the White (I was tickled by that). Also, the movie ignored the only two facts we know of the goddess Sif — she’s blonde and the wife of Thor.



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