23 Weirdest Real Life Burglar Stories That Are 100% True

21Jenar Sanders

In 2012, a 50-year-old Chicago woman named Linette Kossow chased a robber (who was 6-foot 3, 270 pounds) who had swiped her wallet from her purse. She chased him for almost a mile, cornered him (Jenar Sanders) in an alley and imparted religious lecture.

22Jerilderie letter

An Australian bandit wrote an 8,000-word letter justifying his actions and gave it to a teller at a bank he robbed.

23Julia Popova

A 22-year-old female office worker named Julia Popova grappled with a mugger, then calmly walked home without realizing she was stabbed in the neck by a 6-inch knife. She survived with no permanent injuries.


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