22 Big Fat Facts About Burgers You’ll Love

1Burger King

Burger King

Burger King had one of the most expensive recalls in history after a 13-month-old girl suffocated on a Poké Ball (a toy) that was included with Kids’ meals.

2McDonald's secret menu

McDonald's secret menu

You can order a Land, Sea and Air Burger off of McDonald's secret menu.



In 2008, Burger King released a meat-scented cologne called "Flame."

4Big Macs

Big Macs

In 2004-2005, McDonald's paid rappers to mention Big Macs in their songs and paid them $5 each time their songs got played on the radio.

5Big Mac Index

Big Mac Index

In 2011, Argentina's government forced McDonald's to sell Big Macs at artificially low prices so that the country's performance would appear better on The Economist's Big Mac Index.



McDonald's is basically a real estate company: "We are in the real estate business. The only reason we sell hamburgers is because they are the greatest producer of revenue from which our tenants can pay us rent." - Harry J. Sonneborne, McDonald's founder.

7McDonald's breakfast

McDonald's breakfast

The reason why breakfast isn't served all day at McDonald's is mainly because the grill temperature required to cook beef patties is significantly different from the temperature at which eggs are cooked.

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8Free whopper

Free whopper

In 2009, Burger King launched a campaign that if you unfriended 10 friends on Facebook, you were entitled to a free whopper. The ex-friend would then receive a message explaining that their friendship was less valuable than a whopper.

9McDonald's burger

McDonald's burger

McDonald's burger doesn't rot and it’s not because there are any mysterious chemicals in it, but because low moisture and dehydration basically turn it into a jerky.

10Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali, being refused a hamburger and told, "We don't serve negroes", replied, "That's OK. I don't eat 'em."

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