20 Super Facts about Amazon Original ‘The Boys’

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1 The Seven

The Seven

Vought’s premier team of heroes, The Seven, are a loose pastiche of DC’s Justice League. Several of the Seven share powers and visual similarities with DC’s heroes: Homelander/Superman, Queen Maeve/Wonder Woman, The Deep/Aquaman, A-Train/The Flash. Several other parodies of famous heroes feature in the graphic novels of The Boys and have been referenced but not yet featured on-screen in the show, such as Tek Knight (based on Batman) and the G-Men (based on Marvel’s X-Men).

2 Jack Quaid

Jack Quaid

American actor Jack Quaid plays the part of Hughie in the series. In the original comic book, Hughie comes from Scotland and his physical appearance resembles English actor and writer Simon Pegg. Pegg was “super chuffed” to be “immortalized as a comic book character” and also wrote the introduction for The Boys Vol.1 collection, “The Name of the Game”. Pegg is also known for his role as Montgomery “Scotty” Scott in the rebooted Star Trek (2009) film trilogy, alongside Karl Urban who plays Doctor “Bones” McCoy. Karl Urban stars as Billy Butcher in The Boys. Pegg was originally supposed to play Little Hughie when the comic was made into a movie or series, but because it took so long to make the jump instead he will be playing Hughie’s father.

3 Butcher


Hughie asks if Butcher has a dog after seeing dog toys in his car, which Butcher denies. In the graphic novels on which ‘The Boys’ is based, Butcher does have a canine companion, a pitbull called Terror. In the show, Terror is seen in Butcher’s flashback to his married life with Becca as an English Bulldog, though there’s no explanation as to what happened to him in the meantime.

4 The Boys

The Boys

The Boys show had to tone down the sex, drugs, and profanity, which were all more graphic in the comics.

5 Hughie


In Amazon’s ‘The Boys,’ Hughie mentions his favorite musicians are James Taylor, Simon and Garfunkel and Billy Joel yet he wears shirts with rock/punk bands on them.

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6 Translucent


Translucent is a new character that was created for Amazon’s ‘The Boys.’ In the original graphic novel, the remaining member of The Seven was an “alien” character named Jack From Jupiter, an exported character similar to DC’s Martian Manhunter.

7 Madelyn Stillwell

Madelyn Stillwell

Madelyn Stillwell’s character in the “The Boys” was a man in the original comic book series.

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8 Slipknot


The footage from “The Boys” show was used in Slipknot’s video for 2019 track Solway Firth.

9 Seven Headquarters

Seven Headquarters

The Seven Headquarters from ‘The Boys’ is the Roy Thompson concert hall in downtown Toronto, which has been frequently used in films & Television. The giant X supports provided a fitting background for an early scene in the first installment of the X-Men (2000) franchise. It was also fitting for this show with X Men characters being some of the inspiration behind characters in the novel it is based on.

10 Boys series

Boys series

The Boys series is based on the comic series of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The “Coming 2019” poster for the series is an exact recreation of the cover of the first issue, drawn by Robertson, later reused for The Boys Vol. 1 collection, “The Name of the Game”.

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