20 Powerful Facts About Royal Prince & Princesses You Didn’t Know


11Lang Liêu

Lang Liêu

Lang Liêu was an ancient Vietnamese prince who won his country’s throne because he made fantastic rice cakes.

12Princess Olga

Princess Olga

Princess Olga of Kiev who, after being courted by the same tribe that killed her husband, proceeded to bury the tribe's messengers alive before accepting the proposal and burning the men sent to collect her alive.

13Owain Glyndŵr

Owain Glyndŵr

Owain Glyndŵr, the last native Prince of Wales disappeared at the end of his rebellion in 1412 and managed to remain hidden despite a large bounty and an eventual pardon. His fate and location have remained a closely guarded family secret for over 600 years.

14Ariana Austin

Ariana Austin

An American woman named Ariana Austin became an African princess in October 2017. She married Yoel Makonnen, grandson of the last Emperor of Ethiopia and direct descendant of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. Prince Yoel, who met Ariana at a club in D.C., initially kept his royal status a secret.

15Prince Philip

Prince Philip

Prince Philip (husband of Queen Elizabeth) is revered as a deity in a Vanuatuan "cargo-cult". When his disciples sent him a traditional pig-killing club, he sent them back a photo of him posing with it.

16Princess Sayako

Princess Sayako

Former Princess Sayako (daughter of the emperor of Japan) practiced supermarket shopping to prepare for a new lifestyle after marrying a commoner named Yoshiki Kuroda.

17Catherine Caradja

Catherine Caradja

Catherine Caradja was a Romanian Princess who opposed the alliance with Germany during World War 2. She personally took custody of surviving Allied crews who were bombing her country, saw that they were cared for in her hospitals, and facilitated their escape to Italy. She helped more than 1000 US crewmen who were shot down.

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18Prince Charles

Prince Charles

In her wedding in 1981, Princess Diana deviated from tradition and omitted the line in which she promised to “obey” Prince Charles.

19Princess Diana and Freddie Mercury

Princess Diana and Freddie Mercury

Princess Diana used to go to bars with Freddy Mercury dressed as a man so she wouldn't be recognized.

20Meriam al-khalifa

Meriam al-khalifa

A Bahraini princess Meriam al-khalifa eloped with a US Marine, was nearly assassinated for it, didn’t like her reduced lifestyle, divorced in Vegas, and went back to Bahrain.


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