20 Facts About Amazing Little Towns Around the World


In the town of Laguna, Brazil a pod of Bottlenose Dolphin cooperatively fish with fishermen. The dolphin herd mullet toward the shore and signal the fishermen to cast their nets. They do this every day. Town records say that the dolphins and fishermen have been cooperating since 1847.

2New Rome

A small town named New Rome in Ohio with just 60 residents and 14 police officers used to raise nearly $400,000 annually from speeding tickets. The town was dissolved in 2003.


The town of Blowout in Texas, got its name when lightning struck a cave and ignited thousands of tons of ammonia-rich bat crap inside it.


A Russian town named Luchegorsk was once “besieged” by hungry bears with as many as 30 bears being reported circling the small town.


In 2014, a town named Maryvale in Arizona was terrorized by packs of wild Chihuahuas, which defecated everywhere and chased children.

6Villa Las Estrellas

Chile has a civilian town named Villa Las Estrellas in Antarctica, complete with a school, hospital, hostel, post office, internet, TV and mobile phone coverage.


In 2011, a tiny Spanish town named Grañén on the brink of financial ruin bet on the world's biggest lottery and won.

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The town of Harrogate, United Kingdom has been ranked as the highest per capita hazardous drinkers in Britain, but also the happiest place to live.


In the Spanish town of Brunete, council volunteers will send dog poo in the mail to dog owners who are seen failing to pick up their dog’s feces in public.


There is a town in Ontario called "Swastika". There have been several attempts to change the name but the town fights back saying "To hell with Hitler. We had the swastika first."


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