20 Essential Real Estate Stats & Facts That Doesn’t Even Cross People’s Minds

1Japanese houses

Japanese houses

In Japan, houses are considered depreciating assets. Half of all homes are destroyed by the time they are 38 and rebuilt. There are 4 times as many architects and twice as many construction workers per capita as the US. There is no home equity LOC and virtually no home improvement industry.

2Area 51

Area 51

A family with property overlooking Area 51 refused a $5.2 million offer from the government to buy their land. So a judge took their land away from them and gave it to the Air Force.

3Untouched apartment

Untouched apartment

An apartment in Paris was left unoccupied and locked for 70 years. The rent was faithfully paid on time and inside the apartment, a painting worth 2 million Euros was discovered when the renter died.

4German garden in Belgium

German garden in Belgium

There is a small four-acre plot of land inside Belgium, which belongs to Germany. It consists of a single inhabited house with a garden.

5Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden has not paid property taxes since 1982 because a 10-year tax abatement was inadvertently made perpetual due to a clerical error. This has cost New York City (and saved MSG) about $200 million.

6Amazon land

Amazon land

In 2005, Swedish millionaire Johan Eliasch purchased a 400,000-acre plot of land in the Amazon rainforest from a logging company for the sole purpose of its preservation

7Billy Standley

Billy Standley

An Ohio man named Billy Standley bought 3 burial plots next to his wife and had his sons build a see-through plexiglass casket so that he could be buried sitting astride his custom-painted 1967 Electra Glide motorcycle.

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8Wrong house

Wrong house

In 2012, a man in Pontiac, Michigan whose house was slated for demolition switched the house numbers with his neighbor and the demolition crew ended up demolishing the wrong house.

9Secret apartment

Secret apartment

An artist built a 750 square foot apartment in the parking garage of a Providence, Rhode Island mall. He inhabited it off and on for 4 years until he was discovered by mall security.

10Same backyard fence

Same backyard fence

There are two houses in Florida that share a backyard fence, but the shortest driving route between them takes 20 minutes and traverses more than 7 miles.

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