20 Essential Real Estate Stats & Facts That Doesn’t Even Cross People’s Minds

11Upper East Side apartment

Upper East Side apartment

A 14th-floor apartment in NYC located at the Fifth Avenue was remodeled in 2003 by a young architectural designer named Eric Clough. Owners didn’t realize until much later was that Mr. Clough had a number of other ideas about their apartment that he didn’t share with her. Mr. Clough hid a lot of puzzles, riddles, ciphers, and other hidden games. The owners didn't discover the first clue until living there for four months.

12Spite houses

Spite houses

People build "spite houses" to piss off their neighbors.

13Bir Tawil

Bir Tawil

Between Egypt and Sudan, there is a strip of land named Bir Tawil that neither country will acknowledge as part of their territory. It is one of the few unclaimed regions on earth.

14Arkansas landlords

Arkansas landlords

Arkansas landlords don't have to maintain properties and tenant can be jailed for being even one day late with rent.

15Love Canal

Love Canal

In 1953, the City of Niagara Falls bought a plot of land called "Love Canal" for $1 from a chemical company that had used the area as a dump. Despite warnings from the company, a school was built on the land. From 1974–1978, 56% of children in the area were born with birth defects.



The world's oldest social housing complex, "Fuggerei", which is still inhabited today, has not raised its rent of one Rheinischer Gulden (0.88 Euros) since 1523.

17Land in England

Land in England

70% of the land in England is still owned by 1% of the population, largely descended from William the Conqueror's army.

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18Hess triangle

Hess triangle

In 1914, Daniel Hess refused to sell the last bit of his property to the city of New York after the rest his property had been seized via eminent domain, and today it remains on the sidewalk with a tile that reads "Property of the Hess Estate Which Has Never Been Dedicated For Public Purposes."

19Wet houses

Wet houses

Wet houses are permanent supportive housing where formerly homeless, chronic alcoholics are allowed to drink and live. It saved Seattle over $4 million in the first year and it continually saves lives.

20JFK memorial

JFK memorial

The only true piece of American land in the United Kingdom is a memorial to JFK in Runnymede, Surrey - an acre plot gifted to America by the British crown in 1965.

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