100 Interesting Facts About Russia

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1 White and dark meat

White and dark meat

Americans mostly eat white chicken meat and export the rest to Russia/Asia where dark meat is preferred, so most chickens get split in two and sent around the world.

2. In the 1940s, Russians scientists performed experiments on animal organs and tissues and they actually succeeded to bring back to life a severed head of a dog. The dogs’ head even reacted to light, smell, and sound and it even tried to bark.

3. In 1980, Swedish Navy detected underwater sounds that they suspected to be hostile Russian submarines. This suspicion escalated to a diplomatic conflict between Sweden and Russia. It was later found by a researcher that these sounds came from fish farts and he won Ig Nobel Prize (American parody of the Nobel Prizes) for this discovery.

4. There is an abandoned Russian cruise ship (Lyubov Orlova) roaming international waters since January 2013

5. A Russian woman named Mrs. Vassilyeva in the 1700’s gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets in just 40 years with the same man (Feodor Vassilyev).

6 Anatoli Bugorski

Anatoli Bugorski

In 1978, a Russian scientist named Anatoli Bugorski got hit in the head by the proton beam in a particle accelerator and survived to tell the tale.

7. The North Korean government operates a chain of restaurants that appear throughout China and Southeast Asia and even Russia. Each restaurant funnels about $100k – $300k per year back to the DPRK.

8. In Soviet Russia, prisoners would get tattoos of Lenin & Stalin, because guards weren’t allowed to shoot at images of national leaders.

9. Despite John Carter being considered a monumental flop for Disney, it actually broke box office records in Russia.

10. The U.S. purchased Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million, which, when adjusted for inflation, is $118 million. Nearly $2.5 million less than what Real Madrid paid for Cristiano Ronaldo.

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11 Texas and Russia

Texas and Russia

California makes the same amount of money as Italy every year, and that Texas makes as much as Russia.

12. Russia secretly had maps so detailed of the Canadian Arctic during the Cold-War that other ships even now use them over official maps.

13. In the 1960s at the height of the Cold War, the US continuously flew planes carrying nuclear bombs around the world as a precautionary measure in the event of an attack by the USSR. Five of these planes crashed, and nuclear contamination resulted in at least 2 instances.

14. In 2014, a 3-year old Russian girl named Karina Chikitova survived for 11 days in Siberian taiga forest by drinking water from a creek and eating berries while being protected by her dog, which went to get help after nine days and returned with rescuers.

15. Russia’s Vladimir Putin brought a large dog with him to a round of negotiations with Germany’s Angela Merkel, knowing well that she had a pathological fear of dogs in order to gain a psychological edge.

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16 Road of Bones

Road of Bones

There is a highway in Russia known as the Road of Bones, as the skeletons of the forced laborers who died during its construction were used in much of its foundations.

17. In 2003, the Russian government sent a special forces death squad to kill a human rights activist named Zura Bitiyeva in retaliation for her filing a complaint in the European Court of Human Rights.

18. Russia has so many dashcams because drivers use them to avoid road rage induced fights, denied hit and run insurance claims, and extortion scams

19. The Soviet Union allowed theaters to play The Grapes of Wrath because of its depiction of the plight of the poor under capitalism, but it was later withdrawn because Russian audiences were amazed that even the poorest Americans could afford a car.

20. 80% males born in the Soviet Union in 1923 did not survive World War II.

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21 Stop a Douchebag group

Stop a Douchebag group

In Russia, there is a group of boys (Stop a Douchebag group) who attempt to force traffic regulations in Russia, which can vary from blocking cars driving on sidewalks, to placing stickers on cars who park in an illegal spot too. The group is called Stop a Douchebag

22. The practice of focusing on disasters elsewhere when one occurs in the Soviet Union was so common that after watching reports on Soviet television about a catastrophe abroad, Russians would call Western friends to find out whether something had happened in the Soviet Union.

23. During the Siege of Leningrad in WWII, 9 Soviet scientists died of starvation while protecting the world’s largest seed bank, refusing to eat what they saw as their country’s future.

24. During the Cold War, the USSR was able to tell a Soviet passport was a forgery because the staples in real passports would corrode due to the poor quality of metal.

25. USSR liberated more concentration camps than the rest of the allies combined during World War 2.

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  1. Wow, thanks!
    It was really pleasing to find out most of those facts are actual facts! Well, there are, of course, several inaccuracies, such as “Cult of Gadget” and “Lenin the mushroom”, which are more like jokes =)
    Magnitogorsk is a city (like mentioned ChelyabinSK, NorilSK, and others), mountin itself called Magnitnaya (Magnet). And some cruel things which i’m not sure are real.
    Would be great to read about slaves liberating, internationalism, women rights, abortions, etc.. Killing the family of princess Anastasiya was not the only summary of Civil war.
    There are also a lot of fun facts about propaganda. E.g. i noticed in my favourite books that communists and capitalists were blamed each other for homosexualities at the very same time =) Same about rock music)))
    My other favorite fun fact is that most of things we call “Only in Russia” so loved by russian Stand-up comics you may also find as “only in US/UK” and even “Kenya” – all according to local Stand-ups)

    And – with no comments, just source. Just think it up.

    Sorry for grammar and punctuation!



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