100 Interesting Facts About Hiroshima and Nagasaki

76Tokyo city

After bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the US had a plan to nuke a third Japanese city, and that city was "probably Tokyo".

77. Tom DeLonge's side project, "Box Car Racer" was a reference to the B-29 that bombed Nagasaki in World War Two

78. The ABCC/RERF studies of residents of Nagasaki and Hiroshima helped modern medicine determine the max amounts of radiation organs can tolerate delivering radiation treatments.

79. In 1908 there was an explosion in Eastern Siberia that measured 1,000 times great than the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. It is said to have leveled 80 million trees, and the shockwave leveled people hundreds of kilometers away. It is the largest impact in recorded history.

80. Since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II, the world has created more than 125,000 nuclear weapons. The US and Russia account for more than 97% of those weapons.

81Barefoot Gen

A survivor of the Hiroshima atomic bomb created a manga series based on his childhood war experiences

82. A British hairdresser discovered a way to make a heat-proof material able to withstand the heat of 75 Hiroshima atomic bombs. He died in 2011 without ever sharing the composition of the material.

83. Someone survived the bombing of Hiroshima in a bank vault only 300m from ground zero

84. The atomic bomb over Hiroshima missed it's target and detonated over a hospital. The only remnant of the structure was the US made operating tool.

85. "Hiroshima shadows": when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, the intensity of the blast permanently burned shadows of people/objects into the ground

86Wilfred Burchett

When journalist Wilfred Burchett reported the effects of radiation sickness weeks after a nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, his story was censored and the US military accused him of being under the sway of Japanese propaganda.

87. Einstein signed a letter to President Roosevelt that encouraged the development of the atom bomb because he thought the Nazi's would make one first but regretted it after he saw the devastation in Hiroshima, and it played heavy on his mind that his discoveries led to it.

88. 8 Jesuit Priests survived the atomic bomb blast in Hiroshima just 8 blocks from ground zero; nearly everything else within 1.5 km was completely destroyed.

89. Detonating 100 Hiroshima-sized nuclear bombs, anywhere in the world, could potentially generate enough black smoke to partially block the sunlight, resulting in massive temperature drops, disruption of the global climate and worldwide famine

90. The total amount of energy released in the 2004 tsunami was equivalent to a bomb of a staggering 9,600 GIGAtons, (or equal to 550 million Hiroshima bombs).

91Van Gogh's Sunflower paintings

One of Vincent Van Gogh's "Sunflower" paintings was destroyed on the day that the Hiroshima atomic bomb detonated, during an American bombing raid on the city Ashiya. The Japanese collector who owned the painting could not rescue it from the flames because the elaborate frame was too heavy.

92. A plastic that can resist 75 Hiroshima bombs.

93. Ypres, one of the places where chemical warfare was first used, maintains a close friendship with Hiroshima, where nuclear weapons were first used. The city governments advocate for nuclear disarmament and for the avoidance of targeting cities in war.

94. The U.S has 14 Ohio-class submarines carrying Trident nuclear weapons. Each submarine has the destructive power 1000 times that of Hiroshima

95. In 1945, after dropping the atomic bomb 'Little Boy' on Hiroshima, Robert A. Lewis wrote in the mission log, 'My God, what have we done'.

96When Soviets stopped the attack

The Soviet Union didn't attack Japan in World War II until August 8, 1945: two days after the bombing of Hiroshima

97. 31 more assemblies of the Little Boy nuclear bomb which was dropped on Hiroshima were made for the US Department of Defense, and were all withdrawn from service in 1951, 5 1/2 years after Hiroshima.

98. A 2007 World Health Organization study estimated that air pollution killed about 656,000 Chinese each year, equivalent to almost ten times the number of people who were killed by the Hiroshima atomic bomb

99. Japanese scientists had planned to conduct a test of a nuclear weapon near Hungnam on 12 August 1945, which would have been 6 days after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

100. Due to the design of the weapon, only about 1% of the uranium inside the atomic bomb that detonated over Hiroshima underwent fission. The rest of the material scattered uselessly.



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