USA by the Numbers: 40 Key Statistical Insights

31Seatbelt Stats of USA

Seatbelt Stats of USA

In spite of the fact that only 9.7% of Americans don't use seatbelts, 47% of those killed in car accidents weren't wearing seat belts.

32Whiskey Consumption in USA

Whiskey Consumption in USA

On average, Americans consumed 90 bottles of whiskey in the 1800s, or about 1.7 bottles every week. Whiskey's low price of 25 cents a gallon back then made it more affordable than other alcoholic beverages (including wine, beer, tea, coffee, and even milk).

33Happiest People in USA

Happiest People in USA

On average, the happiest people in the U.S. are rich people who live in wealthy neighborhoods in poor counties.

34Crime in Los Angeles

Crime in Los Angeles

Los Angeles experienced almost one bank robbery every 45 minutes in 1992. There were 17,106 robberies at 3,500 retail bank branches in Los Angeles between 1985 and 1995. There were 2,641 heists in 1992 alone.

35Automatic Transmission in USA

Automatic Transmission in USA

Around 96% of Americans use automatic cars, compared to 80% of Europeans who drive manual.

36Unique Identifier in USA

Unique Identifier in USA

Three pieces of information—a person's ZIP code, birth date, and sex—are sufficient to identify 87 percent of Americans.

37Laws vs Corn in USA

Laws vs Corn in USA

With lawns covering about 2% of the United States' land area, turf grass has surpassed corn as the country's most important irrigated crop.

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382006 Florida Amendment

2006 Florida Amendment

Florida voters passed a constitutional amendment in 2006 that increased the threshold for constitutional amendment approval from 50% to 60%. Following that amendment's 57% approval in 2006, 60% approval is now needed for any further alterations.

39San Francisco's Lower Minor Population

San Francisco's Lower Minor Population

Among the nation's largest cities, San Francisco has the smallest proportion of children, with only 13.4 percent of residents being minors.

40Walmart Stat

Walmart Stat

Most Americans (almost 90%) live less than 10 minutes away from a Walmart.

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