Ultimate Marvel Trivia & Facts Book: 33 Facts – Part 2

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Ajax’s henchman Bob in Deadpool is a reference to Deadpool’s comic book colleague Bob, Agent of Hydra. Legally, Fox wasn’t allowed to include the character in the film, so he was stripped of any affiliation to Hydra and they used him anyway.

27. In order to draw attention to the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, actor Chris Hemsworth wore his previously unrevealed Thor: Ragnarok costume to the protest in order to ensure the photos would reach a wider audience.

28. The swear jar heavily featured in the early episodes of Luke Cage was written into scripts in an attempt to secure a cameo from Prince in the first season finale. Prince– a devout Jehovah’s Witness– was known to keep a swear job in his own residence and did not swear himself. He died before he could be asked to appear in the series.

29. James Gunn initially considered the original comics line-up of Yondu, Martinex T’Naga, Captain Charlie-27, and Major Vance Astro for the first Guardians of the Galaxy film. While Yondu was included as the leader of the Reavers, the others were scrapped in favor of the more recent comic book line-up.

30. Jeremy Renner became frustrated by playing what he essentially felt was “Loki’s Minion” in The Avengers, so he would occasionally fake Hawkeye’s death in certain takes, hoping the character would be killed off.

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31Dan Harmon

Dan Harmon was hired by Marvel to write additional comedic scenes for Dr. Strange. Harmon is best known for creating and co-creating Community and Rick and Morty respectively, two television shows that heavily feature storylines about alternate dimensions.

32. Marvel considered having Thunderbolt Ross (portrayed by William Hurt) transform into Red Hulk in Captain America: Civil War, but scrapped the idea so as “not to add another complicated super-powered character to the mix.”

33. With a body count of 83,871 (including the nearly 80,000 Nova Corps pilots who die in the climax of the film), Guardians of the Galaxy hold the record for the most on-screen fatalities of any movie.


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