U R In For a Surprise With These 35 Weird Pee Facts

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Mosquitoes pee on you. As a mosquito sucks blood, it needs to get rid of the excess fluid.

27. Astronauts lose on average 1% of their bone mass a month, most of which is excreted in their urine. They literally pee their skeleton out.

28. Foamy pee indicates there is protein in the urine and could be a sign of a serious kidney problem.

29. The Russian F.S.B. (formerly KGB) figured out a way to open and then reseal a tamperproof urine specimen jar to cheat in the 2014 winter Olympics.

30. Male giraffes headbutt female giraffes in the bladder until she urinates. The male giraffe will then taste the urine to see if he can mate with her.

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The urine of schizophrenics and those with severe autism contains an elevated amount of bufotenine, a hallucinogenic chemical which is also found in psychoactive toads.

32. Researchers analyzed the staggering amounts of benzoylecgonine (cocaine excretions in the urine) found in the Po River in Italy and determined that the daily amount of cocaine being used by the people that fed into the river was 8.8lbs.

33. Medieval blue dye was made by soaking the leaves of the woad plant in human urine. Urine from men who had been drinking a great deal of alcohol was said to improve the color.

34. In Ancient Rome, women drank turpentine to make their urine smell sweet, like violets.

35. During the Second Anglo-Afghan War, Afghan women would use an execution method against the British where they would prop the soldier's mouth open to prevent swallowing and then take turns urinating into his mouth to drown him.


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