The Hidden World Below: 23 Surprising Facts about Caves


11Am-Phu cave

Am-Phu cave

Am-Phu cave in Vietnam is decorated with "hell" themes: sculpted demons "and fanged devils bathed in sinister red light, where hands reach up from the waters below and river monsters threaten to gnash (visitors') souls to bits." It's located under the mountain associated with heaven.

12Bracken Bat Cave

Bracken Bat Cave

The Bracken Bat Cave in Texas has the largest known bat colony in the world. Over 20 million bats live in the cave, which is more bats than there are people living in Mumbai, India, one of the world’s largest human cities.

13Wolf Cave

Wolf Cave

Wolf Cave a.k.a. Susiluola is a cave in Finland which claims to have evidence of Neanderthals living there pre-Ice Age. It is the only known place to have such evidence in Nordic countries.

14Lubang Jeriji Saléh Cave

Lubang Jeriji Saléh Cave

The oldest known figurative painting was discovered in a cave named Lubang Jeriji Saléh Cave on Borneo island, Indonesia: a depiction of a bull has been dated to be 40,000 years old. It is unknown which species of humans created the paintings and what happened to them.

15Marvel Cave

Marvel Cave

There exists a cavern named Marvel Cave in Missouri that’s so large that in 1994 five hot-air balloons were flown simultaneously inside it.

16Apidima Cave

Apidima Cave

The earliest known modern human fossils found outside of Africa were in Apidima Cave in Southern Greece. These fossils are somewhere between 170,000 and 210,000 years old.

17Massacre Cave

Massacre Cave

Massacre Cave is a cave on a small island in Scotland. When the Clan MacLeod attacked the Island, all 395 of the islanders hid inside the cave. When the MacLeods found them, they made a fire at the cave mouth and allowed the smoke to suffocate everyone inside.

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18Theopetra cave 

Theopetra cave 

The oldest known human-made structure is in the Theopetra cave in Greece. This is a stone wall constructed over 23,000 years ago yet the cave itself was occupied by humans from about 135,000 BC.

19Fruit cave

Fruit cave

There is an underground cave in the Dolomite Mountains in Italy where a Consortium of fruit growers store 40,000 tons of apples inside.

20Lechuguilla Cave

Lechuguilla Cave

While exploring a historic 1900s guana mine, cavers uncovered the largest limestone cave (Lechuguilla Cave) in the United States. Not only did the cave stretch more than 120 miles but it also held a 20-feet gypsum chandelier and rare rock-eating bacteria.

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