Supernatural Revelations: 24 Facts About the Unexplainable

1Phantom barber

Phantom barber

In 1942, residents of Pascagoula, Mississippi lived in fear of the "phantom barber": a criminal who would sneak into homes at night only to steal locks of hair from his victims. Though an arrest was made, many believe it to be a setup, and the identity of the phantom barber remains a mystery.

2Oscar Love curse

Oscar Love curse

The ‘Oscar Love Curse’ is a strong superstition that is believed to be true in Hollywood circles. According to it, a woman who is awarded the Academy Award for Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress is doomed to have her relationship fail, where her boyfriend or husband will cheat on her or divorce her soon after.

3Chinese roofs

Chinese roofs

Traditional Chinese roofs are curved to ward off evil spirits, which apparently can only travel in straight lines.

4Frau Perchta

Frau Perchta

In German folklore, Frau Perchta is a witch who roams the German countryside for 12 days leading up to Christmas, leaving silver coins to good children and cutting open the bellies and replacing the organs of bad children with straw and pebbles.

5Questing Beast

Questing Beast

In Arthurian legend, the Questing Beast was a creature with the head of a serpent, body of a leopard, haunches of a lion, and feet of a deer. It may have inspired by third-hand descriptions of giraffes from merchants.



Hy-Brasil is a phantom island that is said to lie in the Atlantic Ocean west of Ireland. Irish myths described it as cloaked in mist except for one day every seven years when it becomes visible. It is listed on several early maps, but still cannot be reached.

7Hoia baciu forest

Hoia baciu forest

Hoia baciu forest, the most haunted forest in the world is often referred to as the Bermuda Triangle of Romania. It's been known for intense paranormal activity and unexplained events: intense feelings of being watched, ghost sightings, bizarre-looking vegetation, UFO sightings, hundreds of missing persons, etc.

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The Snallygaster is a legendary half-reptile, half-bird, dragon-like beast with a metallic beak lined with razor-sharp teeth that inhabits the hills surrounding Washington, D.C. and Frederick County, Maryland.

9Anneliese Michel

Anneliese Michel

A girl named Anneliese Michel went through 67 Exorcisms, 1-2 per week lasting up to 4 hours. The exorcisms spanned over 10 months between 1975 and 76, at the end of which she died. Her autopsy revealed she had died of malnutrition/dehydration due to being in a semi-starvation state for almost a year while the rites of exorcism were performed.



The Fomorians are a supernatural race in Irish mythology who represent chaos, darkness, death, blight, and drought, often coming from the sea or underground.

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  1. Frau Perchta is going around in the “Rauhnächte” this are the 12 nights between the 25th Dec and 6th Jan. Not in the twelve nights before Christmas. The tradition exists just in some regions.



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