Shock Value to Strange Concepts: 30 of the Most Bizarre Ads Ever Created

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26Torches of freedom

Torches of freedom

To get women to smoke cigarettes in the 1920s, tobacco companies devised a campaign of equating cigarettes as "torches of freedom." The campaign helped women smoking jump from 5% in 1923 to 18.1% in 1935.

27. “Corinthian leather” has no relationship to Corinth, and doesn't really have any meaning it all. It is a marketing term created by the Bozell (Advertising) Agency for a 1974 Chrysler ad campaign.

28. Following “Dunk-a-roos” being discontinued in the United States in 2012, General Mills in 2016 encouraged Canadians traveling to the United States to bring the snack to Americans who wanted it in a campaign called "Smugglaroos", as the product still remains in production in Canada.

29. The Pledge of Allegiance was created as part of a youth magazine’s marketing campaign to sell flags to public schools and magazines to students.

30. “Casual Friday” is the product of a guerrilla marketing campaign by Levis' new khakis brand, Dockers during the early 90s recession.

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