Riddle Me This: 45 Surprising Random Facts That Will Challenge Your Knowledge

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1Titanic’s William Murdoch

Titanic’s William Murdoch

When the Titanic rammed an iceberg, William Murdoch, the officer in charge, was portrayed in the film as shooting a passenger and then committing suicide. In reality, he was last seen trying to fill as many lifeboats as possible and heroically went down with the ship.

2. If a camel rejects her newborn or there is a need to adopt an orphaned calf, Mongol herders use a chanting ritual accompanied by fiddle or flute to coax her into accepting the calf. The camel mother may act aggressive initially, so the herders will change the melody depending on her behavior.

3. Freddie and Truus Oversteegan were two teenage sisters who lured, ambushed, and killed a lot of German Nazis from their bicycles. They never really revealed how many Nazi men they had assassinated.

4. Many Victorian mothers would use a self-feeding bottle to give their babies milk instead of breastfeeding. These bottles were made of earthenware and glass and were incredibly hard to clean which caused severe bacteria to build up and caused the deaths of thousands of babies.

5. Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski sold the rights to CD Projekt Red to create the Witcher video games for a lump sum of $9500.

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6Newgrange Monument on Dec 21

Newgrange Monument on Dec 21

Every December 21, the inner chamber of Newgrange a prehistoric Irish monument that predates Stonehenge is illuminated for 18 minutes by the rising sun.

7. The prototype of the Rolls Royce Ghost was so quiet inside that it made test drivers sick. The engineers had to remove some of the noise-isolating material and create seats that vibrated at specific frequencies to introduce some noise into the interior.

8. Owls cannot move their eyes. This is because their eyes are not balls, but cylinders that are held in place by bones called sclerotic rings. This is also the reason why owls have evolved to be able to rotate their head 270 degrees left and right, and 90 degrees up and down.

9. In 1869, physicist Ludvig Lorenz developed an equation for the relationship between the refractive index of a medium and its density. In 1878, unrelated physicist Hendrick Lorentz independently discovered the same equation. The result is called the Lorentz–Lorenz equation.

10. Olympians can use the OLY lettering on any official documentation after their name much like when one gets a royal honor or Ph.D.

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11Ancient Egyptian Humor

Ancient Egyptian Humor

Ancient Egyptians were notorious for their subversive political humor and the Romans banned Egyptian advocates from the law because all of their jokes disrupted the sanctity of the courts.

12. When Clint Eastwood was approached for the role of James Bond he turned it down because he didn't feel it was the right role for him saying “I was offered pretty good money to do James Bond if I would take on the role. But to me, well, that was somebody else’s gig. That’s Sean’s deal.”

13. During World War 2, Heinz invented a self-heating soup can that would frequently explode.

14. IBM donated an International Translator System for use at the Nuremberg Trials, which brought the trial to life through the simultaneous interpretation of English, Russian, French, and German delivered to 600 headsets with five audio channels. Later, IBM sold the proven system to the United Nations.

15. "Rabbit starvation" is malnutrition caused by eating too much protein and not enough fat. It has historically been caused by eating rabbit meat exclusively, which is too lean.

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16Adolf Hitler’s Madagascar Plan

Adolf Hitler’s Madagascar Plan

Hitler's plan was to relocate all the Jews to Madagascar. This idea later was shelved in favor of the mass genocide of the population.

17. Nicolas Cage was originally given the leading role in The Wrestler (2009), but passed it on to Mickey Rourke, believing he would be a better fit. The film went on to win a Golden Lion and was nominated for two Academy Awards.

18. Ivory Coast's Murielle Ahoure couldn’t find an Ivory Coast flag so she celebrated her 60 meters gold with the Irish flag given to her by a spectator.

19. 'The Rally' is a phenomenon that occurs when a critical patient is expected to pass away in a few days. At some point during the last days (and sometimes even the final day of life), they appear to be "all better," meaning they will eat more, talk more, and even walk around.

20. It is much debated by its fan base whether or not ‘Die Hard’ is a Christmas film. It was actually first released to cinemas in the middle of July 1988. Its distributor, 20th Century Fox, had greenlit the screenplay in June 1987 because they needed a summer blockbuster for the following year.



JanSporting is the act of putting a backpack on an extremely intoxicated to prevent them from turning on their back while unconscious and choking on their vomit. Though thoughtful, there have been a number of deaths when Jansporting has proved to be unsuccessful. If you think somebody is sick enough to warrant a backpack on their back to keep them from choking on their own vomit, they need medical attention.

22. The movie Kung Pow: Enter the Fist was written, directed, and starred by the same person (Steve Oedekerk). He used footage from a 1976 Hong Kong film and filmed new scenes to create a new plot. He re-dubbed all characters himself (except for the character Whoa).

23. There was a rumor in the 1960s that Japan made products in a town called USA which was then exported to the US with the label "MADE IN USA" to make them appear as if they were made in the US.

24. Gerald Ford had the distinction of being the only person to serve as POTUS without being elected to either the presidency or the vice presidency. He was voted by Congress to be vice president after Spiro Agnew resigned, then filled the presidency after Nixon resigned.

25. For Māori women, the traditional female chin tattoo is considered a physical manifestation of their true identity.

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