Random Revelations: Article #10 – 42 Insightful Random Facts

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1Jerry Murrell

Jerry Murrell

When the Pentagon called one the original Five Guys Burgers and Fries restaurants requesting delivery service, one of the founders (Jerry Murrell) declined to bend the rules for their request and instead ordered a 22-foot-long banner that said 'ABSOLUTELY NO DELIVERY.'

2. NASA has special wristwatches that keep Mars time for employees working with the rovers

3. The weird little "spirals" on jet engine turbine tips are so the ground crews can tell if an engine is spinning or not

4. Deep Purple was recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records as the "globe's loudest band" when in a concert at the London Rainbow Theatre their sound reached 117 dB. Three of their audience members were rendered unconscious.

5. David Johnston was a volcanologist successfully fought a Chief Brody-like fight to keep the summit Mount St. Helens & Spirit Lake visitor-free for 2 months before the cataclysm. Instead of 1000 deaths, there was 53; him among them, radioing ".Vancouver, this is it" seconds before he was incinerated.

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6Roy Benavidez

Roy Benavidez

Medal of Honor recipient, Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez had 37 wounds from bullets, bayonets, and shrapnel. Thought to be dead, he spits in the face of a doctor who was zipping him up in a body bag.

7. In the Netherlands it is legal to be under influence of any drug, simply so users don't hesitate to seek medical help.

8. 91.4 % of 9/11 survivors put off evacuation to shut down Computers or to go to the bathroom before evacuating.

9. Sonny Landham, who played the quiet, reflective Native American tracker Billy in "Predator", was notoriously violent and difficult to work with. Eventually, the insurance company for the film forced the studio to hire a full-time bodyguard to protect the cast and crew from Sonny.

10. Lord Byron's nickname for William Wordsworth was William Turdsworth

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11Holodomor Genocide

Holodomor Genocide

The Holodomor Genocide was a man-made famine that killed millions in Soviet Ukraine from 1932-1933.

12. When Napoleon returned to France, the King sent troops to stop and kill him. He stepped out in front of them & said: "if there is one among you who wants to kill his general, his Emperor, here I am." The royalists cheered wildly, "Long live the Emperor." They joined his cause.

13. The Voynich Manuscript obeys the law of Zipf, making it very plausible that it's either derived from a real language or is an incredibly advanced hoax.

14. Dr. Seuss once wrote a Warner Bros. film called Going Home, that was banned because it accidentally predicted the Manhattan Project

15. The founder and the original leader of the Rolling Stones got kicked out of the band and then died less than a month later

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16Shamu whale

Shamu whale

Shamu, Sea World's famed Killer Whale, has been dead since 1971 and they just recycle the name for new Orcas in their shows.

17. Australians traditionally eat sausages at polling places on election day, and they're called Democracy Sausages

18. There is a railway connecting Tibet to the rest of China. It reaches the highest point of 5,072 m (16,640 feet). The steep climb and high elevation mean that an oxygen supply is given to each passenger and a doctor must be present. An elderly passenger with heart issues died on the train in 2006.

19. In 1946, a Navy dentist inscribed the imprisoned Japanese General Tojo's dentures with the words "Remember Pearl Harbor" in Morse Code because "...not many people had the chance to get those words into his mouth."

20. When crowds at basketball games chant "air ball," they consistently chant it at the same pitch across the country (F to a D)

21Spotted hyena

Spotted hyena

Spotted hyena clans are female-dominated. What's more, the spotted hyena clitoris is shaped like and larger than the males' penis.

22. The North Korean won is effective "like toilet paper" and everyone (even at the lowest levels of North Korean society) use US dollars to trade. The govt tried to revalue the currency but because everyone used dollars, the won continued to fall in value.

23. All peppers used in Tabasco sauce are picked by hand. The pepper pickers compare the color of the peppers to a small red stick; if the colors match, the peppers are ripe and will be used in the sauce production process.

24. There is an Adulting school in Portland, Maine that teaches life skills

25. Cats are believed to be responsible for the extinction of 33 species of birds since 1600. In the U.S., they kill over 100 million a year, often when not even hungry.

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