Random Fact Sheet #91 – 35 Amazing Facts to Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

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1Old Testament

Old Testament

All of those warring states near the beginning of the Old Testament were actually very small and only encompass what is now modern Israel.

2. Brian Spencer, a former NHL hockey player whose father, upon hearing his son was starting in his first game, held a Canadian TV station hostage and forced them to broadcast it, before being shot and killed. After his career, Brian too was shot and killed during a robbery after buying crack.

3. There is a true heavy metal band (Compressorhead), weighing about 1 1/2 tons, consisting of only robots. The guitar player has 78 fingers.

4. In the 1936 Olympic games, boxer Thomas Hamilton-Brown was eliminated in the first round of the lightweight class after losing his fight to Carlos Lillo. An error was soon discovered and it turned out he had won it but due to a scoring miscalculation he did not find this out until several days later, when he had gone on an eating binge and was too heavy for his weight class.

5. Hundreds of hip-hop songs can be traced back to Slick Rick's and Doug E. Fresh's La Di Da Di (1985).

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6Brad Davis

Brad Davis

In 2014, a man named Denver Lee St. Clair died after being subjected to an atomic wedgie by his 33-year-old stepson named Brad Davis.

7. The Whopper Jr. was created by accident in 1963 by the manager of the first Burger King restaurant in Puerto Rico. The molds for the standard Whopper buns didn't arrive so he used a much smaller local bun. The result was such a success that Burger King adopted it worldwide and called it the Whopper Jr.

8. Walt Disney World is 40 square miles, making it the same size as San Francisco and 2 times the size of Manhattan.

9. In 1971, American astronaut David Scott smuggled a 'Fallen Astronaut' sculpture onto the Apollo 15 lunar mission and placed it on the Moon's surface to "commemorate the astronauts and cosmonauts who have died in the advancement of space exploration."

10. Hans Zimmer's "Spider Pig", from The Simpsons Movie soundtrack, entered the UK singles chart at #24. The running time for the song is a mere 1:04, making it the second shortest single to ever chart.

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11Deaf servants

Deaf servants

The Sultans of the Ottoman Empire deliberately employed deaf servants because silence played a key role in expressing majesty to subjects and visitors.

12. The largest surviving relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex is the common Ostrich.

13. Earthworms have even been ranked the number one most influential species in the history of the planet above dinosaurs and humans.

14. To become an astronaut in Japan you are tested in your ability to fold a thousand paper cranes.

15. Medical students in 18th-century Scotland could pay their tuition fees in corpses. The financial prospects encouraged a group of people to exhume corpses to sell to the medical schools, and they became known as resurrectionists.

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16Sacramental wine

Sacramental wine

There is a special minimally-fermented wine (Sacramental wine) used at masses where the priest is a current or recovering alcoholic.

17. There are almost 2 times more kangaroos in Australia than humans.

18. Keanu Reeves was forced to star in the critically-derided film The Watcher (2000) due to the fact that a friend forged his signature on the contract agreement.

19. Elvira Taylor was a notorious 'Allotment Annie' during World War 2 who was discovered to have married six sailors at the same time. She was found out due to a fight between two of her husbands when they learned that they were both married to the same girl.

20. Brazil has the largest Japanese community outside of Japan.

21Sperm cells

Sperm cells

Sperm cells can live for up to 30 hours after a man has died. The sperm can be gathered and used for posthumous fertilization.

22. Cougars are the biggest cat that can purr and meow.

23. Some rainbows have only one color and it is called a "Monochrome rainbow".

24. In the "Chicken poop prison" in Thailand, the ceiling of the cells was a grate, and chickens were cared for above the cell. Their dung was allowed to drop freely onto the criminal within.

25. Leonard Nimoy released multiple albums, including a two-sided record titled "Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy". One side featured him singing songs as Spock and the other side featured songs related to his personal interests.

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