Random Fact Sheet #77 – 30 Incredible Facts That Will Leave You in Awe

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26Theresienstadt concentration camp

Theresienstadt concentration camp

The Nazis produced a film inside the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp to falsely show the International Red Cross that the inmates were being treated humanely. The camp was 'beautified' and wholesome activities were staged. After filming, most of the 'actors' were sent to Auschwitz and executed.

27. The Tetris Company emerged from a Soviet agency. Today, it licenses it's trademark and doesn't make the game anymore. Instead, it sues people who make unlicensed clones.

28. In the late 80’s, Nintendo partnered with Sony to produce the “Nintendo PlayStation”. After a licensing agreement went bad, Sony independently marketed the console under their own name and the rest is history.

29. Disney perpetuated the myth that lemmings commit suicide by importing lemmings, throwing them into a river, and letting them drown.

30. Powerpoint was originally developed for the Apple MacIntosh. It was acquired by Microsoft in 1987 after generating $1 million in Mac sales.

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