Random Fact Sheet #74 – 40 Amazing Facts to Feed Your Curiosity

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1Mosque of Paris

Mosque of Paris

The Mosque of Paris saved Jews during World War 2 by providing them with fake Muslim IDs.

2. Many Japanese companies including Canon, Toyota, and Suzuki use adoption to declare the heir to the business. The current Suzuki CEO is a fourth-generation adopted child.

3. The Nazis kept a secret list of people to be immediately arrested after the invasion of England. The list included numerous political leaders, but also Virginia Woolf (English writer), Aldous Huxley, H.G. Wells, and the head of the Boy Scouts.

4. One time on The Price Is Right the sound effects for the big wheel were not working so the audience provided them.

5. Sylvester Stallone's distinctive facial paralysis is the result of a doctor misusing tongs during Stallone's birth, severing the nerves in Stallone's lower left cheek.

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620 sided dice

20 sided dice

20 sided dice were used in the ancient world. Examples of the dice have been found from Ancient Greece, Rome, and even Egypt.

7. Michael O'Leary, CEO of Ryanair airlines, has his own taxicab company with just one cab so he can legally use the bus lanes to avoid traffic jams.

8. George Clooney once pranked Brad Pitt by putting a pot plant bumper sticker, which had "fu*k cops" written on it, on the back of his car, leading to him getting pulled over by the cops. Clooney figured, "There's no way you don't get pulled over."

9. Gwen Stacy was killed off in the Spider-Man comics because Stan Lee was in a rush to get to a meeting in Europe; wanting to get his writers out of his office, he told them, "If that's what you wanna do, okay," without realizing what he'd just agreed to. He came back to find Gwen dead.

10. A toy doll called My Friend Cayla became infamous for asking its owners personal questions, saving the answers and being hackable at the same time.

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11Pál Teleki

Pál Teleki

The Hungarian prime minister named Pál Teleki committed suicide when his country entered World War 2 on the axis side.

12. The source of the mythical Jackalope may have been a virus that causes rabbits to produce horn-like growths.

13. 3.5 billion years ago a day only lasted 12 hours.

14. Bill Bixby, who played the original Incredible Hulk's David Banner, had a 7-year old son who died in 1981 of a rare infection. His wife committed suicide as a result of their loss. Bill's next marriage ended in divorce at the same time he was diagnosed with cancer. Bill died in 1993 at the age of 59.

15. In 1985, Neil Armstrong (far right) and Edmund Hillary (second from left) went to the North Pole together.

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Mussolini drastically altered the area surrounding the Colosseum, leveling hills and removing ruins, including the base of the Colossus of Nero.

17. The Elephant Man (Joseph Merrick) had to sleep sitting up. One night he tried to sleep lying down, to be 'like other people', and he died from a dislocated neck.

18. Humans are the only mammals with a very distinct and visible iris and pupil in contrast with the rest of the eye (sclera) which is white, probably because we evolved as more cooperative animals so following another person's gaze became important in communications.

19. Veteran suicide rates are 22% higher than civilians.

20. England can force homeowners to rent or lease a home if it has been unoccupied for at least 6 months.

21Penny lick

Penny lick

In Victorian times, ice cream was sold in small quantities called a 'penny lick' wherein a small amount of ice cream was placed onto a licking glass, which the customer would lick clean and return. It was banned due to concerns about spreading Tuberculosis, as the glass was not washed between customers.

22. Australian sleepy lizards are monogamous for life and grieve if they lose their partner.

23. In the 18th and 19th century the job of ‘Sin-Eaters' was to “eat” the sins of a deceased person. The position only paid a couple dollars per sin eating and it usually called for the individual to eat a piece of bread that had been sitting on the dead person’s chest or lips.

24. Hippos don't swim. They charge through the water, always maintaining some contact with the riverbed or lakebed, using their feet to bounce off the bottom to propel themselves forward.

25. The odds that we’re the only advanced species in the galaxy are one in 60 billion.

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