Random Fact Sheet #48 – 30 Facts That Will Make You Smarter (At Least a Little Bit)

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26Little league sports

Little league sports

Little league sports were originally organized to keep poor kids off the streets but the Depression caused leagues to close down so poor children from urban areas lost opportunities for competitive athletics. Fee-based groups filled the void but only upper-class kids could afford them.

27. The reason you can't find canned broccoli, unlike most other vegetables, is because broccoli disintegrates into a pulp when cooked for periods of time above 200°F, and water boils at 212°F. The canning process cooks food once before and once after its canned. Broccoli would turn to mush.

28. Many BPA-free plastics contain BPS, a similar chemical that can affect cells the same way. 81% of Americans have BPS in their urine.

29. In 1900, Casey Jones (American railroader) sacrificed himself in order to slow his train to save his passengers from serious injury or death. He was the only fatality.

30. Studded and spiked dog collars were originally intended to protect dogs from wolves, coyotes, and other predators.

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