Random Fact Sheet #38 – 30 Amazing Facts You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

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1New Mercedes

New Mercedes

Steve Jobs got a new Mercedes every 6 months because a car didn't need a license plate until it was 6 months old.

2. In 1982, a man named Clay Thompson died while vandalizing a saguaro cactus for fun. He shot the cactus repetitively and then went up to poke it to try to get it to fall over. Instead, the 500-pound saguaro arm fell and killed him.

3. Sweden is so good at recycling that, for several years, it has imported garbage from other countries to keep its recycling plants going.

4. The Federal Trade Commission once issued a cease and desist order to Campbell's Soup company for using marbles in their soup ads. The marbles were placed in the bottom of the soup to push the solid ingredients to the top, which was considered deceptive.

5. Although deaf schizophrenics who have never heard do report "hearing voices", they are not referring to true auditory hallucinations. Instead, communication comes via the mind's eye: visual hallucinations of moving lips, or disembodied hands and arms making sign language movements.

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6Genoa airport

Genoa airport

Genoa airport in Italy makes one exception to the 3 ounces of liquid rule - for pesto, which goes through a special pesto scanner.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo was asked to donate boots to raise funds for an ill child's surgery. Instead, he paid for the full cost of treatment.

8. Although park authorities deny it, Central Park officially has a population of 25 residents according to the 2010 census.

9. Portuguese soldiers used black swords in the Age of Discovery in order to not reflect the light and announce their presence on ships, avoiding also it's rusting when used near salt water.

10. Best Buy removed the fighting video game "Primal Rage" from its shelves after an Arizona woman complained that her 11-year-old son had faithfully portrayed one of the game's gorilla-like character's "golden shower/urination" fatality move.

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11Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers

In 2010, a group of Weight Watchers members gathered to see how much weight they had lost, only for the floor to collapse under their combined weight.

12. The Michelin Man's 'real' name is Bibendum, and the reason he's white is because he was created before carbon was added as a preservative and a strengthener to the basic rubber material. Before 1912, tires were a gray-white or light and translucent-beige color.

13. Arizona has a law called the "Stupid Motorist Law" that allows the state to charge drivers for their rescue if they ignore barricades and get stuck in flooded roadways.

14. The Plum Island Pink House is a house in which the wife of a divorcing couple forced her ex-husband to build a replica of their family home as part of the divorce settlement. She didn't specify the location, so he built it in the middle of a salt marsh and plumbed it solely with salt water. It's uninhabitable.

15. American sharpshooter Annie Oakley was such a great shooter that she could repeatedly split a playing card, edge-on, and put several more holes in it before it could touch the ground, while using a .22 caliber rifle, at 90 feet.

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16Ed Sheeran's childhood

Ed Sheeran's childhood

Ed Sheeran's childhood friend was struggling financially and asked him to put one of her songs on his then-nearly completed album "X". Instead, they wrote "Thinking Out Loud" together which was released as a single and hit #1. She'll never have to worry about money again.

17. 'The Mountain' actor named Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson from Game of Thrones beat the 1,000-year-old world record for taking 5 steps with a 10-meter log that weighed 1,430 lb.

18. It's forbidden to fly over Disneyland and you will be intercepted by fighter jets, just like near the White House Airspace.

19. Walt Disney helped the Army design a Mickey Mouse gas mask in the '40s to make chemical warfare less frightening to kids.

20. Smoking near an Apple device will void the warranty.

21Domestic geese

Domestic geese

Domestic geese do a perfect job of weeding mint fields. They hate mint but love the plants that compete with it.

22. In 1850s British explorer, Sir Richard Burton called Somalis superstitious for believing mosquitos caused malaria.

23. The longest surgery to date was a 96-hour marathon to remove a 300-lb ovarian cyst from a 600-lb woman. Simply hacking it out would have killed her, so the surgeon gradually drained fluid from the cyst over the course of 4 days, shrinking it to 100 lb. and allowing for a successful removal.

24. A "fossil word" is a word that is no longer used in general speech but remains in use because it is part of an idiom. For example, amok as in "run amok", or turpitude as in "moral turpitude". There are many other examples.

25. Milton Berle, considered America's first TV star, had a massive p*nis. In his autobiography, Berle tells of a man who accosted him in a steam bath and challenged him to compare sizes, leading a bystander to remark, "go ahead, Milton, just take out enough to win"



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    • This guy at work held a 10″ crescent wrench by his crotch and said that’s about right. Much laughter, bets made, debate whether to measure from top, bottom or side. Guy said measure tomorrow because he had sex with wife before work. Next day called off bet because there was ‘unnatural’ interest in bet. Probably went home and came up short doing measurement.

  1. RE: Fact# 3 – Sweden’s Trash: It is funny though, in Norway we would like to use our own garbage. However, by being a member of the European Economic Zone, we have to abide by the rules of free competition. Thus, call for bids. The problem then reveals itself by Sweden being less expensive compared with the Norwegian counterpart. Which results in Norway sending trucks of garbage to distant locations (in Sweden) with garbage, instead of recycling it in Norway – which would cause less carbon emission 🙂

    • Why is it impossible for Norway to include specific recycling methods in the bidding process? It appears to be quite easy to require without breaking free trade agreements.

    • Norway cannot compete with Sweden in this market since Norway hasn’t made investments in incinerators, electricity infrastructure, or heating infrastructure as Sweden has. That is unaffected by EU law.

        • America can afford enough nuclear power plants to power itself without ever having to rely on a coal, natural gas, solar, or wind plant again. It’ll save thousands of lives and pay for itself in a decade, all while reducing carbon emissions more than any other power source we have.

          However it’d also take about 5 years to get all the plants built, which isn’t very helpful right now.

    • To be fair, you have already sorted the “waste,” and the trash that cannot be recycled—or at least is not economically feasible—is transferred to Sweden to be burnt in power plants with extremely stringent requirements for controlled combustion and exhaust filtration.

      Source: Have worked with exhaust control and filtering in a few Swedish solid fuel powerplants. Both newly built and old ones that have been adapted for higher demands to reduce harmful output.

      But in exchange, we give the filtered-out ashes back to the Norwegians so they can take care of themselves (at least where I’ve worked).

      They have something going for them at least in that they take up far less room in a landfill and don’t emit any greenhouse gases.

      Compared to the emissions produced while burning the waste in Norway without upgrading the current power plants to the standards of the Swedish power plants burning them, the carbon emissions produced when transporting the garbage and ashes are insignificant. Moreover, exporting it is less expensive than upgrading and burning it at home.
      Money is king, and short-term financial gain is more significant than the actual benefits of burning your trash locally.

      For you, that is capitalism and globalism.

      Ironically, it wouldn’t be viable to carry trash in that manner if Norway didn’t pump out such absurd amounts of oil into the North Sea; instead, it would be more cost-effective to invest in local particle filtration and burn the waste on-site because their GDP would be smaller than Sweden’s.

      But I have no interest in that.



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