Random Fact Sheet #345 – Embrace the Randomness: 30 Facts That Will Surprise and Delight You

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26Fred Lorz

Fred Lorz

The winner of the marathon at the 1904 Summer Olympics, Fred Lorz, was later disqualified as he had hitched a ride in a car for part of the race.

27. Vancouver's "Dude Chilling Park" is a local name based on the sculpture "Reclining Figure" (which looks like a dude chilling). An artist erected a fake Parks Dept. sign reading "Dude Chilling Park," but the city took it down. After public outcry, it was replaced and got official approval.

28. The YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) was founded under the principles of 'Muscular Christianity,' a Christian philosophy that ties physical strength and development with Christian spiritual growth. The creation of the modern Olympic Games was also influenced by this philosophy.

29. The 1962 film ‘Dr. No’ features a replica of the painting 'Portrait of the Duke of Wellington' by Goya in the villain's lair because the original had been stolen the year earlier. The replica was used for film promotion and like the original, it was also later stolen.

30. The Bodhi fig tree in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka is the oldest tree on Earth with known planting date. It was planted in 288 B.C. by an Indian Princess. The sapling was taken from the original tree where Buddha found enlightenment. The tree is honored every year on December's full moon.

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