Random Fact Sheet #340 – Random Gems of Knowledge: 30 Unbelievable Facts That Will Leave You in Awe

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26Melrose Place

Melrose Place

A group of 100 artists covertly placed props with coded messages onto the set of the soap opera 'Melrose Place' for over 2 years. Props included bedsheets with unrolled condoms titled 'Safety Sheets' and paintings depicting locations related to high-profile deaths/murders.

27. There are series of species where species A can interbreed with species B, and species B with species C, but not species A with species C. They're called ring species.

28. It is possible to have multiple pupils or even multiple irises in one eye. This condition is called Polycoria.

29. Kosmos 954 was a Soviet nuclear-powered satellite that crashed into northern Canada in 1978, spreading radioactive debris all over the area. The incident was largely kept secret from the locals inhabiting the area at the time.

30. Loons are like airplanes in that they need a runway for takeoff. In the case of loons, they need from 30 yards up to a quarter-mile (depending on the wind) for flapping their wings and running across the top of the water to gain enough speed for lift-off.

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