Random Fact Sheet #334 – Trivia Treasure Trove: 30 Captivating Facts You Need to Know

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26John Deydras

John Deydras

John Deydras was an imposter who pretended to be King Edward II due to being swapped at birth. When arrested, he challenged the real king to single combat and was found guilty of sedition. He claimed his cat was the devil in disguise and caused him to do it. Both he and the cat were hanged.

27. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) can only be titled as such if it meets certain conditions. Its free acidity must be less than 0.8%, must have a sensory grade higher than 6.5 points, and a median of zero defects, and a median of fruitiness above zero. It is the highest quality of olive oil around.

28. During World War 1, the amount of trenches built along the western front was so mind-boggling that if they were to be laid end-to-end, their total length would gross over 25,000 miles, which would be enough to encircle the earth at the equator (24,901 miles).

29. From 1927 to 1952, Tobacco Companies used pictures of doctors in their advertising and used slogans claiming that doctors endorsed their brand.

30. Skeuomorphs are objects designed to look like an older version of the same object. Examples include fake buckles on leather shoes, rivets on jeans, mechanical arms on slot machines, and digital apps designed to look like their analog equivalent.

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