Random Fact Sheet #33- 30 Of The Most Curious Facts to Pique Your Interest

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26Treaty of Watertown

Treaty of Watertown

The Treaty of Watertown was the first foreign treaty signed by the United States, establishing a military alliance with Wabanaki First Nations. To this day, Wabanaki citizens of Canada are allowed to join the U.S. military.

27. Flamingos can sleep in ponds that freeze around their legs at night, drink boiling water, and survive conditions that expose them to arsenic and poisonous gases.

28. Cocaine is an ideal treatment for nosebleeds, being a good local anesthetic while simultaneously lowering bleeding by means of vasoconstriction.

29. In the 17th century, an old man on trial openly confessed to being a werewolf but claimed to be good-natured, stating that he regularly went to hell with other werewolves to battle the witches and wizards of Satan to ensure a bountiful harvest.

30. In 1938, China's Nationalist government ordered the opening of dikes on the Yellow River to create a flood and slow the Japanese advance to Wuhan. While the advance was delayed, the flood also caused around 500,000 to 900,000 Chinese civilian deaths.



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