Random Fact Sheet #315 – Curiosity Unleashed: 40 Astonishing Random Facts

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26Capitol Crawl

Capitol Crawl

On March 12, 1990, over 60 disability rights activists abandoned their mobility aids and climbed, crawled, and edged up the 83 stone steps of the U.S Capitol, demanding the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which had been stalled in Congress. It was called the “Capitol Crawl.”

27. Female dogs can get pregnant by multiple male dogs within the same heat cycle, then give birth to X amount of puppies per father.

28. In World War 2, Major Digby Tatham-Warter led a bayonet charge while wielding an umbrella and wearing a bowler hat. He later disabled a German armored car with his umbrella. When saving the chaplain from enemy fire, he said “Don’t worry about the bullets, I’ve got an umbrella.”

29. Abdul Baser Wasiqi, Afghanistan's only athlete at the 1996 Olympics injured himself before the marathon and limped the whole way, finishing in 4:24:17, almost an hour and a half behind the 2nd last finisher. When he arrived, the stadium was already being prepped for the closing ceremony.

30. A year before the end of World War 1, Germany lodged an official complaint with the United States over the issuing of the Winchester M97 "Trench Broom" shotgun to its' troops. This gun upset the Germans so much that the German military issued a kill order towards any troops carrying either shotguns or shotgun ammunition.

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31Indian Restaurants

Indian Restaurants

Almost 90% of "Indian" restaurants in the United Kingdom are actually Bangladeshi.

32. Astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell as a student discovered pulsars. She credits her discovery to impostor syndrome and a fear of being kicked out of college, saying, “I’m a bit of a fighter, so I decided until they threw me out I would work my very hardest". That discovery earned the 1974 Nobel Prize.

33. The US Government made a deal with the Italian Mafia to ensure that no German or Italian saboteurs snuck in through the New York port/docks by providing information to the US Navy. They also guaranteed no dockworkers would strike, therefore ensuring a constant line of supplies leaving to the front.

34. The Red Bull energy drink was originally invented by a duck farmer from Thailand as a hangover cure (called Krathing Daeng in Thai) before being bought over by Austrian businessman Dietrich Mateschitz who discovered it on a business trip in 1987.

35. A 13-year-old kid named Yusuke Murata won a contest to draw their own Robot Master for the game Mega Man 4. That kid went on to be the artist of the One Punch Man manga.

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36U.S. Military

U.S. Military

The U.S. military has used superstition and pretended to be vampires and ghosts to scare enemies away. They dispersed scary horoscopes in Germany, staged vampire attacks in the Philippines, and in Vietnam blasted ghost tapes that consisted of spooky music and eerie voices. Only vampires worked.

37. Anthony Rossi who founded Tropicana Products in 1945 was an Italian immigrant who arrived in the US with $25 and did not know English. He developed an orange juice pasteurization process to allow transport from the factory in Florida to as far away as New York, starting in 1970.

38. Eric Money was the only person to ever score for both teams in an NBA game. Due to an officiating error by a referee, an NBA game between the Sixers and Nets in 1978 had to be replayed beginning in the middle of the game. Money was traded from the Nets to the Sixers during the span between games.

39. Heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali and sportscaster Howard Cosell’s relationship extended well beyond great interviews. Cosell was among the first to call him by his adopted name, and vehemently supported Ali’s refusal to serve via the draft.

40. Tomatoes were only introduced in Italian cuisine after the 16th century. Although tomatoes are mostly saw as one of the key Italian cuisine and culture symbols, it's actually originated in the Americas around 80,000 years ago in Andean countries like Chile and Equator.

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