Random Fact Sheet #30- The Ultimate List of 35 Random Facts

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26Gabi Mann

Gabi Mann

Crows are capable of forming close bonds with people. When an 8-year-old girl named Gabi Mann left food out on a bird feeder, the crows would leave trinkets like earrings, hearts, and a "best friend" charm in return.

27. In 1941, the RAF dropped packages containing tea bags over the German occupied Netherlands. The packages were marked, "Holland will rise again... Keep your chins up."

28. A high school principal named George Kennedy in Florida hypnotized dozens of anxious students and athletes to help them relax. When two of those students committed suicide and one died in a car accident, the principal was charged with two misdemeanors and lost his teaching license.

29. The knobcone pine, (Pinus attenuata), requires fire to complete its reproduction cycle. Cones remain closed for many years until a fire opens them and allows reseeding. As a result, knobcone cones may even become embedded in the growing wood as the tree matures.

30. Jesus Christ is officially the king of Poland.



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