Random Fact Sheet #269 – 30 Incredible Facts That Will Make You Appreciate the World

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During a flight of the Hindenburg over the UK a parcel was thrown overboard and found in West Yorkshire. It contained flowers, a small silver Cross, and a note requesting they be delivered to a passenger's brother's grave

27. Due to Japanese salmon having a parasite in it, the Japanese always cooked their salmon. They only started eating salmon sushi in the 1990s after a decade long campaign by Norwegian Bjorn Eirik Olsen to convince the Japanese to eat it raw.

28. The chips (fries) British tourists eat in the Canary Islands are grown in the UK and exported there because Canary Islands' production can't cope with demand.

29. The moonwalk dance move, popularized by Michael Jackson, is an old move dating back to the 1930s when Cab Calloway called it "the buzz." Dancer Bill Bailey was filmed doing the move at The Apollo Theater in 1955. Jackson saw a dancer on Soul Train doing the move and learned it from him.

30. Russia first tried to sell Alaska to the tiny state of Liechtenstein, who declined the offer, before selling it to America.

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